Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How will Business Email Appending prove beneficial to your company

In a competitive market, as a business strategist, one must aim for a marketing channel that is cost effective, reaches a wider section of society, can be utilized multiple times, and will give competitive advantage! In most cases marketers select email marketing as a preferred channel for executing their strategies. But email ids often become obsolete and non-responsive, especially if they are business email ids. As a marketer, not appending or updating it on a timely basis can cost your company both money and customers. In fact, regularly conducted business email appending can benefit your organization in several ways!

Benefits of Business Email Appending to organizations

  • Enhanced data quality: The idea behind getting data updated is to have access to valuable active customers. A reputed vendor will not only possess an exhaustive global database, but will ideally use both automated and manual means to update customer database to eliminate inactive and irrelevant ids. This ensures less scope of incorrect data. In certain cases, or as the client requirement might be, vendors also provide other missing contact details like phone and fax numbers, mailing addresses, url and more. Accurate data makes it easier to connect with customers. 
  • Permission based Email Database: Email appending helps to keep your database cleansed and filtered. In order to provide clients with a useful database, vendors include “opt-in” options instead of “opt-out” so that individuals can select if they want to be included in the mailing list or not. B2B marketing means connecting with business executives who have the money to invest but might not have the time to go through redundant emails. Don’t make the mistake of devaluing your brand. Permission based email ids ensure that your database consists of a responsive customer base likely to convert into deals!
Benefits of Business Email Appending

  • Cost-effective marketing: Email marketing is more cost-effective than traditional direct mail or event based marketing. Business professionals are always changing jobs or roles and hence most susceptible to changing contact details. Business email appending ensures that you don’t lose customers when they make professional changes and your database contains up-to-date email ids of business professionals and also reduces data management costs.
  • 100% guaranteed deliverable: While it is the responsibility of the vendor to provide you with 100% tested and valid email addresses, as an organization, an appended list ensures that your database is able to offer you guaranteed deliverables. Marketers often face difficulty in connecting with decision making heads because of lapsed or inactive email ids. With business email appending, you don’t lose your existing customers and even gain new ones.
  • Faster and Effective: Email marketing is fast and saves time and resources. Appending helps to retain good relationship with customers and in the process also leads to increase in web traffic, better open rate, reduced sales cycle and leads.
So take the right steps and invest in business email appending. There is a vast market ready to be tapped. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your business and make a difference to your organizations’ ROI.

If you have queries related to business email appending or want to invest in these services then get in touch with us and we will help you with it.

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